welcome to WheeGO©!

Where Treasure Hunting Meets Hide-n-Go Seek!


WheeGO © is where treasure hunting meets hide-n-go seek, and children ages 4-7 can't get enough. It combines the fun of hide-n-seek with the thrill of hunting for treasure. Kids naturally love this type of activity and WheeGO affords a turn-key, exhilarating (“can we play again!”) experience.  It encourages and rewards a child’s natural curiosity, builds confidence, and stimulates brain development.

WheeGO was developed as an educational and exciting alternative to high-tech toys. The diverse WheeGO characters are fun-loving and value kindness, fair play and a responsibility to each other and the planet.

WheeGO is safe and fun to play at home with the added benefit of refocusing children’s attention on learning away from the television.


Calling all treasure seekers...

WheeGO Promotes:

  1. Fun of Exploration

  2. Sequential Thinking

  3. Thrill of Success

  4. Confidence Building

  5. Self Initiation